Can Oil and Gas Be Exchanged With a 1031?

A 1031 is all about exchanging real estate. But what is defined as “real property” by the IRS and various states isn’t limited to just houses and condos. A fun fact, for instance, is that oil and gas can qualify as real estate.

The production of oil and gas involves access to the property that the resources are on and the rights to extract those resources from the land. This means that while the oil and gas are on the property they are treated like real estate and can be exchanged. Mineral, Water rights, and timber function in the same way, though whether they are considered real estate varies from state to state.

The beautiful part of this is that with a 1031 like-kind exchange, oil and gas can exchanged for any other real estate. If you’re tired of collecting royalty payments in cold cold Ohio, why not exchange it for a vacation rental in sunny Florida? A 1031 exchange has the power to free you and broaden your investment portfolio.