6 Requirements for Carrying Out a 1031 Exchange

If you want to carry out a successful 1031 exchange, there are six requirements you will need to fulfill. All six must be met for your exchange to be recognized by the IRS. Here is a helpful little summary to get you started.

1.   The Intent to Hold for Investment

Your primary residence cannot be exchanged with a 1031. But any real estate that is demonstrably being held for business, investment, or productive use in a trade can be exchanged.

2.   45-Day Identification Rule

From the day you close the sale on your old property, you have 45 days to identify a replacement property or properties. You must compile a legible list of your selected properties for the IRS. At the end of the 45-day period, the houses on your list are final and no more changes can be made.

3.   180-Day Exchange Period Rule

From the closing on the sale of your old property, you only have 180 days to complete the whole exchange. Or until your next required tax filing, whichever comes first. Make sure you time your exchange carefully.

4.   Qualified Intermediary (QI) Requirements

Finding a QI is vital to the success of your 1031. You must find a QI before selling your old property. If you sell your property before you find a Qualified Intermediary, then you cannot exchange that property using a 1031.

5.   Title/Taxpayer Requirements

The person who pays the taxes before the exchange must pay the taxes after the exchange. If a married couple jointly holds title to the old property, they must both hold the title jointly on the new property as well.

6.   Reinvestment Requirements

If you wish to defer all taxes, then you must reinvest all your proceeds. Money that is removed from the exchange becomes taxable to the IRS while the rest remains sheltered in the exchange.

This list should help you get an idea of what it will take to carry out a 1031. With an experienced Qualified Intermediary and respect for the rules, your 1031 should go smoothly.

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