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Are you tired of paying out your hard earned real estate gain in taxes?

Are taxes limiting your success as a real estate investor?

There’s this under-utilized tax provision called 1031 exchanges. Just a savvy fraction of investors use it. Once you learn it and use it, you’ll see a huge difference in your buying power when you transition from one investment property to another and keep your tax dollars working for you.

It’s not often employed because the restrictions and rules of rolling all of your gains into another real estate investment can be intimidating until you’ve tried it.

What others say about us

Dave helped us pay no taxes on the sale of our commercial property in the frozen north when we purchased a vacation rental in sunny Florida.

Managing a rental property by my alma mater was not a great fit. Dave and his team handled the entire 1031 exchange transaction with my title company so I could focus on the purchase of a new investment property closer to my new home and defer the taxes with ease.

Dave is one of my favorite Bigger Pocket members. Pretty much any time there is a 1031 question, it goes like this for me: “Read the question, read a bunch of speculative or downright wrong answers, then get to Dave’s reply for the real answer…” Keep up the good work!

When I sold my underperforming assets in California and transitioned to Midwest properties with significant cash flow, Dave walked me through the process necessary to avoid paying taxes on the transaction.

I’m in the process of using Dave Foster on an exchange. I’m in Georgia, and Dave is in Florida. It is my first exchange, and he’s been responsive, answered my questions, and I’m a happy camper.

Recently completed my first exchange with Dave and his team. All I can say is that if you are on fence about this tool – execute! There were no surprises and they made it efficient and painless – three faxes and one additional closing document to review. That’s all it took to roll $125k of capital gain into my new investment property without paying any taxes.

This is by far the nicest, cleanest 1031 package I have seen in 18 years of doing this. We will get right on it. The instructions are excellent. Title Company Representative,

Dave Foster , I just wanted to thank you for your help on the 1031 exchange! Good thing we were able to talk a few days before my closing. As I now know, you must have the exchange setup prior to closing. It worked great and process was rather easy! I was able to sale my existing SFH property and rolled the exchange fund and subsequently into my new 6plex! Thank you for the advice and your team’s professionalism and promptness.

After spending a lot of time looking at various different QI’s, I ended up using Dave Foster. I contacted several of the largest QI providers and none came close to the internal controls they have in place to make sure your funds are safe and secure. After all, probably the single most important thing is the peace of mind that your funds will not be at any risk whatsoever. Dave’s company is the only one that truly provided this. Oh, and there’s also the fact his knowledge is unmatched when it comes to 1031 exchanges.

I spent some time on the phone with Dave and I am impressed with his knowledge and think-outside-the-box ideas. Also, thinking ahead to avoid pitfalls or legal issues. I can’t wait to do business together.

I sold a long distance rental in Tennessee and brought the equity home to a central California duplex: Dave foster handled the 1031 exchange for me and mentored me along the way. He extended himself to be there whenever I had questions and he paced me all the way through a very smooth transaction. He took all the “scary” out of it. I would highly recommend him and will use his services again if I ever do another one.

My partner and I had the pleasure of working with Dave on our first 1031 Exchange. Dave was exceptionally professional, friendly and diligent. I can’t imagine anyone knowing more about 1031 exchanges than Dave and would highly recommend using his services.

I came to BiggerPockets not knowing what to expect. I had listened to a handful of the podcasts and then decided to get on the site and start interacting. Dave was extremely helpful with my questions about 1031 exchanges especially since I am just starting out. I hope I can be as helpful to the newbie some day as Dave has been to me.

A client of mine had a chance to work with Dave and his folks on several 1031 exchange projects. There were many tricky challenges when it came to 1031 issues. Dave and his staff were helpful, courteous, and prompt. If you are looking to do a 1031 exchange, I highly recommend him and his company.

Dave is amazingly knowledgeable regarding 1031 exchange and helped me tremendously in understanding my situation. Whether it is understanding the specifics of 1031 or how it interplays with the tax rule, he knows it all!

When I first found Dave Foster’s post on Bigger Pockets I was hesitant but after now completing our 2nd exchange I want to make sure and share that the Resource group’s services and working with Dave Foster and Scott has been a BREEZE…. So much information and they make sure you stay on task and meet your deadlines. So smooth. Can’t wait to do another one!

Dave answered several of my questions about 1031 exchanges with detailed feedback on Bigger Pockets, and then took a considerable amount of time on the phone to help me sort through a complicated scenario. He was far more knowledgeable than my local title company 1031 “expert.”

I started working with Dave on a 1031 Exchange, and along the way we figured out that I had a military exemption to the normal timeline requirements. This saved me a ton of money in taxes and headache of a 1031 exchange. Dave had my best interest in mind and provided tremendous value!

A few months ago I was going through BiggerPockets looking for information on 1031 exchanges and that’s when I came across Dave. Impressed by what I saw from him on the forum, I decided to work with Dave as a qualified intermediary for my first 1031 Exchange. I could not be more happy with the service Dave and his colleagues at ERG provided, you’re simply not going to find a group of guys more knowledgeable, responsive, polite, and professional than them. If you’re looking for a GREAT qualified intermediary, Dave’s the one to call.

Dave has been a blessing to us as we navigate our first 1031 Exchange. He is knowledgeable and candid in his suggestions.
He has referred us to other people with expertise in other areas to make our real estate investing experiences more productive. We will continue to use Dave as we progress to more properties.

I am selling a house and asked a question about a 1031 exchange and Dave emailed me a detailed reply right away. His information was very helpful and I will certainly use him in the future when I need help with 1031 exchanges. Thanks Dave!

I just sold a personally owned vacant lot and bought a vacation rental using a 1031 Exchange to offset any capital gains. Dave Foster is the person that handled our exchange and he is WONDERFUL! He always responded quickly to emails, texts, and phone calls. I can’t recommend him enough.

Thanks for making the process so smooth. You and your team were awesome.

My name is Dave Foster and I’ve been using 1031 Exchanges as a cornerstone of my personal real estate investing for almost 25 years. My team can show you how this real estate investing solution can take things to the next level for you.

When you start taking advantage of the 1031 exchange provisions to defer the tax and leverage your capital and taxes to expand your investment portfolio, you’re keeping your own tax dollars working for your personal benefit.